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At Lazar Scientific, Inc., we are dedicated to supporting the scientific community with specialized instrumentation that meets the exacting demands of today’s laboratories.

With a firm partnership commitment, our Lazar Scientific team strives to become your trusted ally.
We understand our instrument’s critical role in your research and development and in ensuring product quality and conformance, which is why we offer expert service and sales to keep your laboratory running efficiently. Whether you’re conducting routine analyses or breaking new ground with innovative experiments, rely on us for professional advice, informative support, and instrumentation that consistently delivers.

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AFIDA - Advanced Fuel Ignition Delay Analyzer

Automated Indicated Cetane Number Analysis

Now Available - Laboratory Balances and Scales

Semi Micro, Analytical, Precision Balances, and Industrial Scales!

NEW FT-IR, FT-NIR, and Raman

Spectrometers, Microscopes, and more!

NEW HFRR Test Specimens

HFRR Test Specimens are now available through Lazar Scientific!

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Innovation & News

The XOS R Series Now Available with Autosamplers

Precision Meets Efficiency In early 2023, XOS introduced its next generation of analyzers—the R Series Sindie, Clora, and Clora 2XP single cup analyzers, followed soon after by R Sindie +Cl single...

Understanding AFIDA – the future of CN analysis

Understanding AFIDA The Future of CN AnalysisWhen considering CVCC technology, the AFIDA is a new approach Existing CVCC (Constant Volume Combustion Chamber) instruments use Derived Cetane Number...

Viscol 10 Series Automatic Viscometers

The Viscol-10 Series Automatic Viscometers are equipped with the latest temperature control, detector, chronometer, and washing features for kinematic viscosity measurements. With different models...

Cold Property Testing

Test Methods for Cold Property Testing ASTM D7501 Determination of Fuel Filter Blocking Potential of Biodiesel (B100) Blend Stock by Cold Soak Filtration Test (CSFT)ASTM D2068 Standard Test Method...

Payment Options Through Ascentium Capital

Fast. Flexible. Financing. We have teamed up with a specialized commercial lender, Ascentium Capital to provide you a convenient way to acquire our products! A complete solution with flexible...

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Welcome to the Team Breanna Fancher

Upcoming Engagements

Gulf Coast Conference, October 15-16, 2024

Gulf Coast Conference, October 15-16, 2024

Gulf Coast ConferenceTuesday - WednesdayOctober 15th -16th, 20229:00 AM - 5:00 PM Moody Gardens Spa and Convention Center7 Hope BlvdGalveston, TX The Gulf Coast Conference is a non-profit organization for the advancement of knowledge in Chemical Analysis Technology...

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Eastern Analytical Symposium 2024

Eastern Analytical Symposium 2024

The Eastern Analytical Symposium and Exposition (EAS) is held each year to provide professional scientists and students with continuing education in the analytical and allied sciences through the presentation of symposia of papers, workshops, and short courses. An...

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