AvCount Sample Delivery Unit – SA1950-0

A compact system with a single push-button operation used to feed viscous samples into AvCount2 (SA1000-2) and AvCount Lite (SA1800-0). Suitable for use when viscosities exceed 68 mm2/s and up to 200 mm2/s.

Comprises a compressor and a sample pressurization chamber. A sample bottle is placed on the sample platform and the platform is raised into the pressurization chamber where it is pressurized to 3 bar by an integral compressor. The sample passes to the particle counter under pressure via the sample delivery tube. The delivery tube contains a non-return valve to prevent sample leakage when the sample delivery system is disconnected from the particle counter.

Safety devices include a pressure relief valve to protect against overpressure and a mechanical interlock prevents an operator from opening the pressurization chamber when it is pressurized.

Methods: ASTM D975, ASTM D7619, IP 565, DEF STAN 91-091, DEF STAN 91-86, ISO 4406

Supplied with power adaptors for UK, USA, and EU.


MAX BOTTLE SIZE 145 mm x 60 mm diameter
VOLTAGE Pressure delivery unit: 24 Vdc, 2A (mains adaptor supplied 100 to 240 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 1A)
SIZE (HXWXD) 50 x 17 x 28 cm
CCCN CODE Tariff 90318020

Spares and accessories for AvCount Sample Delivery Unit - SA1950-0

SDU Delivery Hose - SA1950-003

SDU delivery hose for use with AvCount Sample Delivery Unit (SA1950-0).

SDU Power Supply 24 V - SA1950-002

SDU power supply 24 V for use with the AvCount Sample Delivery Unit (SA1950-0).