Copper Corrosion Kit for Diesel, Fuel Oil and Lubricants – 11522-0

The copper corrosion kit comprises all of the accessories required to carry out tests on diesel, fuel oil and lubricants to ASTM D130, IP 154 and BS EN ISO 2160, BS2000-154, ISO 2160 standards. Quantities are sufficient for running two tests simultaneously.

For use with:
Seta Silver and Copper Corrosion Bath (11405-0)


Supplied with;
50 x silicon carbide papers - 240 grit
1 x silicon carbide grains - 150 grit
50 x silicon carbide paper - 220 grit
4 x support assemblies
1 x tongs
1 x multi-strip vice
30 x copper test strips
10 x flat glass test tubes
1 x ASTM copper strip corrosion standard
1 x digital stopwatch
10 x vented stoppers
10 x glass vent tubes