Distillation 500 ml Flask Heater – 24410-5

The Seta Distillation Flask Heater is a regulated heating mantel that has the capacity to accommodate a 500 ml flask. It is a general-purpose heating mantel designed for laboratory procedures that require precise temperature control.

The heating element is made of glass fiber which minimizes damage to the flask in case of a slight impact between flask and heater. Heating efficiency is promoted greatly with good contact between the heating element and the glass vessel.

Temperature is adjusted by a temperature control dial. A heater power indicator will illuminate when power is applied to the heater element. Once a stable temperature is achieved, the indicator will flash as it applies bursts of power to maintain the temperature.

Note; clamp, bosshead, and glassware available separately.

Supplied with: Support rod, mains lead, and user manual.


  • Temperature range up to 450 °C
  • Accepts 500 ml flasks
  • 260 W Mantle type heater
  • Integral energy regulator
  • Complete with support rod


VOLTAGE 110/120 V or 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
SIZE (HXWXD) 162 x 192 x 276 mm
WEIGHT 3.5 kg
CCCN CODE Tariff 90330000

Spares and Accessories

Glass Flask 500 ml B24 Cone - 24401-0
Receiver 25.0 ml (BS 756) - 24495-0
Receiver 12.5 ml - 24490-0
Receiver 10.0 ml with stopcock - 24480-0
Receiver 7.5 ml - 24470-0
Receiver 5.0 ml - 24465-0
Receiver 3.0 ml - 24460-0
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Drying Tower and Stopper - 24445-0
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Pick, Scraper & Jet Spray Tube - 24446-0
Condenser, reflux-type, 40 cm effective length, B19 Cone - 24440-0


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Density Meters


Elemental Analysis

Flash Point Testers

Foaming, Air Release, Emulsification

Freezing Point

Fuel Cleanliness

Oxidation Stability

Penetrometers / Grease Workers



Inline Process Refractometers


Vapor Pressure Testers


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