Flow Verification Kit – 97450-0

The Flow Verification Kit is used with the Micro Carbon Residue Tester (MCRT) (97400-3), to enable the user to verify the flow rate of nitrogen during the test stages.

The kit consists of a 150 mm glass scale VA flowmeter on a stand, supplied with a length of plastic tubing that when connected to the MCRT in place of the existing mass flow meter will show the actual nitrogen flow rate during the test cycle.

The Flow Verification Kit should only to be used by a Seta trained partner.

The VA flowmeter is supplied with a two-point UKAS certificated of calibration for the two specific gas flow rates 160 ml/min and 600 ml/min.

Methods: ASTM D189, ASTM D4530, IP 13, IP 398, BS EN ISO 10370 & BS 2000-398, ISO 6615, ISO 10370


CCCN CODE Tariff 90269000