Low Temperature Ubbelohde Viscometer Testing Kit – 94712-0

The Low-Temperature Ubbelohde Viscometer Testing Kit is used in conjunction with an Ubbelohde viscometer tube to determine the viscosity of samples. The kit provides a means of accurately filling the viscometer tube and controlling the release of the sample to perform a test.

For use with the KV-2 Low-Temperature Viscometer Bath (94712-0).


Supplied with:
2 x 20 ml syringes
1 x glass funnel
2 x glass tubes
2 x tube clamps
250 mm nylon pipe 6 mm OD x 4 mm ID
2 x 90 mm silicone tube 9.5 mm OD x 6.5 mm ID
1 x 90 mm silicone tubes 13 mm OD x 9 mm ID
1 x syringe adaptor
Glass wool
Silica gel (container may differ from that shown)
Rubber bands


CCCN CODE Tariff 90279050