Setaramp Automated Temperature Controller – 13663-0

The controller is a plug-in, automated temperature control unit which is powered from the host flash point tester to override the testers’ own controller.

It accurately controls the specified rate of temperature rise in the sample cup and provides an audible prompt at specified temperature intervals for the flashpoint to be checked.
The unit fits underneath and derives power from the host apparatus and the power controller on the host instrument is disabled by its connection.

For use with;
Seta Pensky-Martens Closed Cup Flash Point Tester (13661-4)
Seta Semi-Automatic Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester (13811-3)

Methods: ASTM D93, BS EN ISO 2719 & BS 2000-34


  • Automated temperature control unit
  • Programmable start temperature, ramp rate, and test interval
  • Audible prompt
  • Compatible with 13811-3 and 13661-3 Seta Pensky-Martens and Cleveland testers.

The start temperature, rise rate (°C / min) and test temperature interval (°C) are entered by the operator via a keypad. A digital display shows the parameters set, and the temperature of the sample.

The existing thermometer in the host's sample cup is replaced by a Probe Assembly (13664-0) for Pensky and Probe Assembly (13815-0) for Cleveland testers, which includes a digital temperature display.

A probe assembly is required for operation. Ramp temperature may be difficult to control during Cleveland tests when testing liquids with a viscosity greater than 800 cSt at 25 °C


RAMP RATE Variable, user-definable ( within the time and temperature limits of the flashpoint tester), automatically controlled
VOLTAGE 110/120 V, 50/60 Hz 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz
SIZE (HXWXD) 6 x 34 x 32 cm
CCCN CODE Tariff 90269000


Probe Assembly - 13664-0

Probe Assembly - 13815-0

Heat Sink Assembly - 13663-004

Pressure Indicator Assembly - 15450-001