Silver Corrosion Kit for Gasoline – 11521-0

The silver corrosion kit comprises all the accessories required to carry out tests on gasoline to ASTM D7671 and IP 611 standards. Supplies allow for running two tests simultaneously.

Suitable for Procedure A and B.


Supplied with:
1 x tongs
1 x multi-strip vice
10 x flat glass test tubes
1 x silver strip glass cradle
5 x silver strips
2 x corrosion pressure vessels
10 x test tubes
2 x test tube ejector springs
50 x silicon carbide papers - 240 grit
1 x silicon carbide grains - 150 grit (pack of 5 x 500 g) 1 x ASTM silver strip corrosion standard
3 x support assemblies
10 x vented stoppers
10 x glass vent tubes
100 x cable ties
1 x digital stopwatch