Data Printer – 81002-3

Lightweight, portable and ultra-compact thermal printer. For use with PM-93 Pensky-Martens Flash Point Tester (35000-0), Setavap 2 Vapour Pressure Tester (81000-2), Setaflash Series 8 Flash Point Tester range, Seta Multi Filtration Tester (91600-3) and the H2S Analyser (SA4000-3).

You can operate the data printer by a single ‘Mode’ button, to change the printer settings.

Compatible with existing systems, allowing for upgrades such as printing speed and functionality.
Methods: ASTM D56, ASTM D92, ASTM D93


Includes; power supply and connecting cable.

  • Easy-Load paper feature
  • RS232 interface
  • High speed, high-resolution printing capability
  • Quiet, non-impact system
  • Maintenance-free
  • Ultra-Compact and lightweight
  • High-reliability line head mechanism
  • Low power mode
  • Windows drivers


SIZE (HXWXD) 55 x 85.5 x 150 mm
WEIGHT 400 g including batteries and paper
VOLTAGE 100 – 240 Vac input 9 V output
CCCN CODE Tariff 90269000