Refractometers for laboratory and industry

Refractometry is the analytical method of measuring a substance’s refractive index in order to assess it’s composition or purity, for sample recognition, dilution control, or for substance characterization, especially of organic liquids.

Application areas for refractometers

Refractometers are used in a variety of applications:

Food and Beverage industry for quality and purity control of raw materials and end products, for sugar concentration determination, and alcohol determination in spirited beverages.

Sugar industry for determination of the sugar concentration in semi-finished products and end products, determination of the solids content in solutions, and in combination with a polarimeter, purity determination.

Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries for characterization tests in research and development, Identity test, purity control and concentration determination of raw materials, in semi-finished products and end products.

Petrochemical, Automotive, and Aviation, for characterization and concentration determination, and end product stability.