Oxidation Vessel – 15802-2

An oxidation pressure vessel with a safety burst disc assembly and discharge tube in accordance with ASTM D525, D873, IP 40 and IP 138.

For use with:
Seta Auto-Oxidation Stability Bath (15400-5)
Seta Oxi-Cor Bath (15550-3)
Oxidation Vessel (15802-2)
Oxi Solid Block Bath 4 Way (16670-0)


  • Pressure tested to 2480 kPa (360 psi)

Comprises a stainless steel vessel with a screw top closure and O-ring seal, stem, needle valve, quick connection Schrader male coupling for oxygen charging, and fitting for pressure monitoring devices.

The stainless steel burst disc will rupture within 10 ms at 1530 kPa (222 psi) ±10% and has a fatigue life of 100,000 cycles to 90% maximum pressure.


CCCN CODE Tariff 90269000