Thin Silver Strip Corrosion Kit – 11516-0

This Stanhope-Seta kit comprises all of the accessories required to carry out tests on gasoline to the ASTM D7667 standard. Supplies allow for running two tests simultaneously.

Suitable for Procedure A and B.

For use with:
Seta Cu-Ag Corrosion Bath (11300-2)
High-Temperature Ag-Cu Corrosion Bath (11305-2)
Seta Copper Silver Block Bath (11310-0)
Silver and Copper Corrosion Bath (11400-7)
Seta Oxi-Cor Bath (15550-3)

Methods: ASTM D7667


Supplied with:
2 x corrosion pressure vessels
10 x test tubes
10 x silver strip centering devices
10 x scouring pads
20 x polished silver strips
25 x aluminum oxide papers - 150 grit
1 x tongs
1 x digital stopwatch
1 x polishing board
1 x ASTM silver strip corrosion standard


CCCN CODE Tariff 90249000


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