Manual Grease Worker – Brass Cup - 17510-2

Manual Grease Worker – Brass Cup – 17510-2

The Manual Grease Worker comprises a heavy brass grease pot with screw lid and is designed for working light to medium greases before carrying out tests.

Methods: ASTM D217, ASTM D7342, IP 50, BS 2000-50, ISO 2137


  • Light and medium greases
  • Easy-grip handle
  • Comprises a heavy brass quick release worker cup with cover, plunger and perforated plate

A plunger passes through the lid and is attached to a perforated metal worker plate. The top of the plunger has a sturdy handle for easy operation. Long life seals prevent grease extruding past the plunger during operation.

WORKER PLATE 51 x 1/4 inch holes (Optional Churn Plate 270 x 1/16 inch holes)
GREASE POT 1 x Brass (Optional Stainless Steel)
SIZE (HXWXD) 32 x 16 x 16 cm
CCCN CODE Tariff 90248000

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