Orbis AirSTAR CFPP Analyzer

is a fully automatic self-contained CFPP tester.

Methods: ASTM D6371, EN116, IP309, JIS K2288, EN16329 (linear cooling method)

The Analyzer includes the Orbis ColdBlock cooling unit (with built-in liquid-free cooling engine) that communicates directly with the integrated iPad Mini 2 and CFPP Pod, making it an independent standalone instrument. Automatic linear and stepped cooling profiles can be easily made in the intuitive AirSTAR software on the iPad. Innovative Heat Pipe technology* and NANOtech insulation make ColdBlock extremely energy efficient, and able to reach minus 105°C.

When the Pod is placed in the ColdBlock, quick programmable cleaning cycles can be carried out in addition to thorough manual cleaning according to the method. With a bench space of 15cm (5.9″), it is the smallest CFPP instrument on the market.


Cleaning Docking Station

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