Orbis AirSTAR CPPP Analyzer

AirSTAR CPPP is full of innovative technology that makes CPPP testing easier, faster, and more reliable. One example is the cable-free design. Users simply take out the CPPP Head from the ColdBlock and put it in the optional Docking station, and vice versa. All without having to (dis)connect any cables or hoses.

Tilting Methods: ASTM D97, D5853 and D6892


  • Create linear and stepped cooling profiles
  • Simultaneous CP and PP testing possible
  • Programmable warm-up of cooling bath before and after the test
  • Specify end-test conditions in the program
  • Monitor and record sample cooling rate data
  • Define “Start at” temperature for each test
  • Multiple users with variable access rights can be created by the administrator
  • Connect multiple CPPP Heads to one ColdBlock
  • Extensive storage capacity for results, programs, settings, user information and more (16Gb iPad)
  • Connect with PC (Windows operating systems) for exchanging results and settings via FTP
  • Data handling options such as: send results in XML to LIMS, make and email PDF
  • Printing options such as print PDF via AirPrint and Direct Printing on connected Kiosk printer
  • Extensive options to calibrate bath jacket, PT-100 probe, and electronics

Cooling. The ColdBlock integrated cooling unit is friendly to environment, people and maintenance department. With the capacity to cool down to -105ºC, no external chillers are required. ColdBlock is completely liquid-free.

Concept. AirSTAR CPPP is modular: ColdBlock and CPPP Head are modules that can be combined and used independently from one another. Imagine for instance two ColdBlocks and three CPPP Heads, where one Head is always clean and ready for start on either one of the two ColdBlocks.

The AirSTAR CPPP Analyzer includes:

  • AirSTAR ColdBlock cooling unit + iPad mini
  • AirSTAR CPPP Head
  • Required consumables (glassware, temp probe, etc)
  • Optional: Docking station

Accessories, Spares, Calibration and Training

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