Seta Existent Gum Solid Block Bath – Steam or Air, 12200-3

A Solid Block Bath designed to carry out up to five simultaneous tests for determining existent gum content in fuels by the Jet Evaporation method.

Methods: ASTM D381, BIS IS 1448 Part 29, BS 2000 Part 131, IP 131, IP 540, ISO 6246

The unit comprises a solid block bath with integral steam superheater, removable taper-fit conical steam/air jet adaptors with copper screens, and a steam/air flow control valve and gauge. The bath has five test wells, and a thermometer well. Outlets can be individually checked for uniform flow of air or steam.

The bath has a temperature range of 140° to 260°C, and is controlled by a digital temperature controller which displays both the set temperature and the actual bath temperature measured by a probe. The flow of steam or air is adjusted by an inlet control valve and monitored on a Bourdon gauge calibrated for both air and steam.

SUPPLIED WITH: a Bourdon gauge type flow indicator, calibrated for both air and steam, five steam/air jet assemblies, five borosilicate glass beakers, and instruction manual.

NOTE: Steam Generator or Rotary Compressor is required for operation.

  • Suitable for use with steam supply in conformity with the referee test
  • 5 test stations
  • Suitable for air or steam operation
  • Integral steam superheater
  • Digital temperature control
  • 140 to 260°C temperature range
  • Flow gauge calibrated for air and steam
Operating Temp. Range 140 to 260°C ±0.5°C
Heaters 2kW
Over-temperature Cut-out 280°C (adjustable)
Air/Steam Inlet 15mm o.d pipe
Flow Indicator Calibrated for min and max air and steam flow
Power 2kW
Voltage 220/240V. 50/60Hz.
Size (HxWxD) 45 x 35 x 50cm
Weight 45kg
CCCN Code: Tariff 90318080

Spares and accessories for:
Seta Existent Gum Solid Block Bath – Steam or Air (12200-3)

Required Accessories

Part Number Description
12312-0 Beaker Extraction Tool
ASTMST3C Thermometer ASTMST3C: Gallium

Optional Accessories

Part Number Description
12310-3 Seta Steam Generator
12311-2 Installation Kit for steam generator
12314-0 Rotary Compressor
12315-0 Air Regulator
15650-0 Water Purifier
51005-0 Thermometer Digital: Precision High Range -199 to 499°C
99100-2 Analytical Balance
99200-3 Laboratory Drying Oven

Suggested Spares

Part Number Description
12200-003 Beaker 100ml (pack of 20)

Calibration, Verification, and Training

Part Number Description
12250-3 Seta Calibrated Flowmeter for air calibration
12255-0 Seta Steam Calibration Kit for steam calibration
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