Sindie® 7039 G3 Bench-Top Analyzer

Sulfur Analysis with Unprecedented Precision

Sindie 7039 Gen3 complies with ASTM D7039 and ISO 20884 methods and enables fast batch testing from 0.15 – 3000 ppm for sulfur fuel samples at petroleum pipeline terminals, refineries, and test laboratories. This unit is compact and fits on any lab bench with an easy-to-use and robust design requiring minimal maintenance. Sindie 7039 offers many advantages over competing technologies: It has an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio and does not require consumable gases or high-temperature operations.


  • Extended Range (XR): 0.3 wt% – 10 wt%
  • 8-cell Autosampler LIMS data output compatible software

Methods: ASTM D7039, ISO 20884

From ultra low sulfur diesel and gasoline to heavy fuel oil and crudes, Sindie® 7039 Gen 3 delivers improved precision and accuracy. Sindie 7039 is the ideal analytical solution for the refining industry where detection, performance, and reliability are critical.


  • Total sulfur analysis from ultra-low sulfur fuels to crudes
  • For use in refinery labs, pipeline terminals, additive plants, testing vans, and inspection laboratories
  • LOD: 0.15 ppm at 300 s
  • Dynamic Range: 0.15 ppm – 3000 ppm
  • Use Accucells for hassle-free sample prep
  • Easy to use -Intuitive touchscreen
    • Just plug-in and measure
    • Measurement time: 30-900 s
  • Extremely low maintenance: no conversion gasses, heating elements, columns, or quartz tubing
  • 75 W air-cooled excitation tube Fits on any lab bench

Model: Sindie 7039 Gen 3

Test Method: ASTM D7039 and ISO 20884

Dimensions: 37 cm (w) x 50 cm (d) x 34 cm (h)

Power: 100-120 VAC, 47-63 HZ at 6.0 Amps/200-240 VAC, 47-63 HZ at 6.0 Amps

Sample Cup Volume: 1 ml Ambient Temperature Requirements: 5-40° C (40-104° F)

Dynamic Range: Standard: 0.15 ppm – 3000 ppm, Extended Range (XR): 0.3 wt% – 10 wt%

Measurement: User selectable: 30-900 s

Calibration: 8 calibration curves. Automatic and manual calibration functionality

SINDIE® Autosampler

  • 8 sample cell capacity
  • Increases productivity
  • Utilitizes XOS Accu-Cell cups

ACCU-CELL Sample Cups

  • No assembly of separate film & cup components
  • Pre-vented sample cups
  • Eliminates sample & cup contamination
  • One discharge of 1 ml pipette will fill the cup

Product Comparison

Part Number
Auto Sampler
400905-01M Sindie 7039 Gen3 with Accu-cell No
400471-01M Sindie 7039 Gen2 No
401147-01M Sindie 7039 Gen3 with Autosampler Yes
401147-01MXR Sindie 7039 Gen3 Extended Range with Autosampler Yes
400905-01MXR Sindie 7039 Gen3 Extended Range with Accu-cell No
400471-01MXR Sindie 7039 Gen2 Extended Range No

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