Pure biodiesel, sometimes referred to as FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters), or B100, are specified in ASTM D6751.

Blends of B100 with petrodiesel (ASTM D975) are named based on the percentage of B100 in the blend, ie B6 is 6% B100 to 94% petrodiesel. The ranges of B6 to B20 are in specification D7467. Each of these specifications has a slate of tests that may be performed to qualify the fuels. We carry instruments and manual apparatus for many of these tests.

ASTM D6751 Specification for B100 Biodiesel

Flash Point D93

Flash Point D3828

Water and Sediment D2709 and D1796

Viscosity D445


Sulfur D7039

Corrosion D130

Cloud Point D2500

Cloud Point D5773

Cloud Point D7397  (Mini)

Carbon Residue D4530

Cold Soak Filterability D7501

ASTM D7467 Specification for Biodiesel Blends up to 20%

All of the above plus:

Cold Filter Plugging Point ASTM D6371

Atmospheric Distillation ASTM D86

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