Micro Carbon Residue Tester – 97400-3


The Micro Carbon Residue Tester is an automatic airtight furnace that is pre-programmed to run tests to determine Micro (Conradson) Carbon residue of petroleum products.

The digitally controlled furnace has a temperature range of ambient to 500 °C. Temperature, flow and pressure values are automatically controlled and values are displayed on the control panel. The test cycle includes an audible ‘end of test’ alarm.

Includes one six place holder for 16 ml sample tubes and one 12 place holder for 2 ml or 4 ml sample tubes (for sample tubes see Accessories).

Methods: ASTM D189, ASTM D4530, IP 13, IP 398, BS EN ISO 10370 & BS 2000-398, ISO 6615, ISO 10370


  • Carbon residue range 0.1% to 30.0% (m/m)
  • 12 sample capacity
  • Automatic temperature ramp and gas control
  • Digital display flowmeter
  • Equivalent to ASTM D189; IP 13
  • Temperature range ambient to 500 °C

The instrument has an integral condensate trap and exhaust outlet connection that allows fumes to be vented remotely if testing is not carried out under a fume hood. Low pressure and dual over-temperature cut-outs ensure safe operation. Fan assisted air cooling minimizes the time between tests.

Supplied with;
12 place holder
6 place holder
Removal tool
Condensate trap
Oven lid
Braided hose for nitrogen gas (3 m)
Rubber exhaust hose (5 m)
Mains lead
Instruction manual

TEMPERATURE RANGE Ambient to 500 °C ±2 °C
RAMP RATE 10 to 15 °C/minute
THERMOCOUPLE Iron – constanton
FLOWMETER 0.1 to 1 litre/min
FLOW RATE Automatic, 150 ml/min or 600 ml/min
CONSUMPTION Approx. 40l/N2 per test
POWER 1.6 kW
VOLTAGE 220/240 Vac, 50/60 Hz Or 220/240 Vac 60 Hz
SIZE (H X W X D) 46 x 35 x 39 cm
WEIGHT 21 kg
CCCN CODE Tariff 90268020