Setaflash Series 8 ActiveCool Flash Point Tester, 82150-0

The Setaflash Series 8 ‘ActiveCool’ is an automated closed cup flash point tester with a temperature range of 10 to 130°C (50 to 266°F) with no external cooling required. When connected to a suitable chilled water supply, the range is extended down to -20°C (-4°F).

There are two modes of operation; Flash / No Flash and Ramp. The ramp mode increases the sample temperature at a rate of 2°C/min and automatically dips the ignitor every 1°C up to 100°C (every 2°C above 100°C), until either a flash is detected or the end of test temperature is reached.

Methods: ASTM D3278, ASTM D3828, ASTM D7236, ASTM E502, BS 2000-523, CLP Regulations EC No 1272/2008, EPA 1020 A & B, IP 523, IP 524 (Obs), IP 534, ISO 3679, ISO 3680 (Obs), UN Class 3 Non-viscous Flammable Liquids

The automatic flash detection system is tuned to ignore halo and other false flash effects, enhancing precision and accuracy. Barometric pressure is measured by an internal barometer, and the correction is automatically applied to the test result.

Peltier cell technology is used for heating and cooling, ensuring precise temperature control and rapid cooldown after a test is completed. The ignitor uses a new electrical hot wire (a gas version is available – 82160-0). The bright colour LCD display shows test parameters and the flash point result. The text and colour of the top line indicates instrument status. All functions are accessed via menus, navigated by the keypad. Up to 64 test results can be stored in memory, each tagged with a sample reference and operator name. Results can be downloaded to a PC or printer via the RS232C port (USB or LAN ports options available). The firmware is upgradeable for future developments.

SUPPLIED WITH: Ignitor, 2ml syringe, mains lead and instruction manual.

Temperature Range Air: 10 to 130°C (50 to 266°F) Water Assisted: -20 to 130°C (-4 to 266°F) using 99300-2
Sample Size 2 or 4ml according to method
Ignitor Electrical Hot Wire
Test duration, Rapid Equilibrium Mode 1 minute below 100°C, 2 minutes above 100°C, FAME 1 minute or user defined 1 to 99 minutes
Test duration, Ramp Mode Typically 7 minutes
Cool Down Time 80 to 20°C (176 to 68°F) in 4 minutes
Sample Cup Material Corrosion resisting steel insert, aluminium cup
Heating / Cooling Method Peltier Cell
Computer Interface RS232C (USB & LAN options)
Voltage 100 to 250V, 50/60Hz (2x AA dry cell batteries required for internal clock)
Power 300W (maximum)
Size (HxWxD) 30 x 34 x 38cm
Weight 8kg
CCCN Code: Tariff 90268020
  • 10°C to 130°C (-20°C with external water supply)
  • Small sample size, 2 or 4ml
  • Flash/No Flash & Ramp modes
  • Electric ignitor
  • Automatic dipping and flash detection
  • ActiveCool electronic Peltier cooling
  • 64 Test memory & RS232 interface
  • °C or °F temperature display
  • Corrosion resisting insert

Pelican™ Storm Case™ for the Setaflash Series 8, CASE-SERIES8

Sensitive equipment needs protection. This case is designed rugged and travels the harshest environments on earth. Against extreme cold or heat, Pelican cases have survived.
Made in the USA, these tough cases are designed with an automatic purge valve, that equalizes air pressure, a watertight silicone O-ring lid, over-molded rubber handles and stainless steel hardware. It is also equipped with a unique Press and Pull latch that locks automatically but opens with a light touch.

  • Six Press & Pull Latches
  • Guaranteed For Life
  • Two Padlockable Hasps
  • Two Double-layered, Soft-grip Handles
  • Two Integrated Key Lockable Latches
  • Powerful Hinges
  • O-ring seal
  • Telescoping Handle
  • Two stainless steel padlock protectors
  • Retention Strap Instructions

22.50″ x 21.10″ x 11.40″ (57.2 x 53.6 x 29 cm)
24.90″ x 23.70″ x 13.10″ (63.2 x 60.2 x 33.3 cm)
LID DEPTH: 2.00″ (5.1 cm)
BOTTOM DEPTH: 9.40″ (23.9 cm)
TOTAL DEPTH: 11.4″ (29 cm)
INT VOLUME: 3.13 ft³ (0.089 m³)
WEIGHT WITH FOAM: 24.60 lbs (11.2 kg)
WEIGHT EMPTY: 20.10 lbs (9.1 kg)
BUOYANCY: 194.16 lbs (88.1 kg)
FOAM LAYERS: Layer 1 (Lid): 2.00″ – Convolute / Layer 2 (Base): 0.63″ – Pad / Layer 3 (Base): 1.78″ – Pick N Pluck / Layer 4 (Base): 1.78″ – Pick N Pluck / Layer 5 (Base): 1.78″ – Pick N Pluck / Layer 6 (Base): 1.78″ – Pick N Pluck / Layer 7 (Base): 1.78″ – Pick N Pluck
BODY: Injection Molded HPX® high performance resin
LATCH: Valox – Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
LATCH (ALT): Xenoy – Polyester/Polycarbonate blend
PINS: Stainless Steel
PINS (ALT): Aluminum
FOAM: 1.3/1.35 polyester
PURGE BODY: Valox – Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT)
PURGE BODY (ALT): Xenoy – Polyester/Polycarbonate blend
PURGE VENT: Gortex membrane

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